A Change In My Diet Plan

A Change In My Diet Plan


Officially my 30-day progress report should have started on the 1st of December. The next 30 days I will be keeping a daily log of my progress.

I will start keeping a daily log on December 6 until January 6 2017.


My goal for this program will basically be an outline that summarized my progress. At the same time, I will be working on my first training. This consist of a lotĀ of research and methods to gather up the information that I will need to put it in perspective. I never conducted a training online before so I am a bit on the nerve side of things. Over the past few months, I think I have written quite a bit on different subjects so, I should be able to pull my first training off to a good start.

There are many topics that have already written about, however, that doesn’t really matter because each individual delivers their message totally different. Therefore, I am seeking for something good to discuss.


Please feel free to leave me feedback on a topic that I may be able to train about.

Questions and comments are greatly appreciated:

That’s All Folks!

Louisa B

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