Can Water Reduce The Risk Of Disease

Can Water Reduce The Risk Of Disease

CAN WATER REDUCE THE RISK OF DISEASEbottled-water-1328734-1600x2400


“This is my fifth day moving through my “MAKE MORE MONEY FUNNEL”

Since I am much aware of the updates on my body health, I am now on a journey hoping to make changes in two areas. 1. Improve Health 2. Make More Money. Take notice at my theme. “Health-Link: Yes these are the areas in my life that need to get an over hall. To do this I realize that I need a solid plan to follow. One that I can take to the net level in my life

Personally,  my health comes first because without good health, I want  to be as in tune and aggressive in my pursuits, The plan that I am using for this change will  guide you through the money funnel
Let’s Go Rainbow…

This is what I expect to get out of all of my great sacrifices

1. Normalize my blood sugar level

2. Say goodbye to high blood pressure

3. Change my diet altogether

4. Build a great website based on Health and Wellness

5. Come up with a good idea for this progress in my physical awareness decisions.

Over the past four days,  I have been deciding on which diet to take to escalated this change. Water and Juice came to mind. Yes, I thought about juicing raw vegetables and fruits. I am very aware that drinking nothing but fruit juice throughout the day L would likely get more sugar and less fiber than I need and knowing that this can cause problems if I am a diabetic or have weight issues.
With that being said, I think I must take another route. But if I did go that route Psyllium Powder will keep me regular while on a juice fast.

Formula: Mix 1 tablespoon in a big glass of water, then follow with another big glass of water.


Water can help flush uric acid out of your system and prevent the formation and deposition of urate crystals, the cause of gout, Also avoid alcohol, which can promote of these crystals and irritate the urinary tract.” (SA)

That’s It for NOW!

Thank you all for your support as I travel through this Funnel.


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