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Conquering / Food and Health

Grocery Store Shopping: Plan ahead:

How many times have you went to the grocery store to find yourself picking up everything but the good healthy foods that we need to maintain a healthy diet Well, I am one of those shoppers, as we know grocery shopping usually isn’t at the top of anyone’s list of fun activity. For people like myself can seem especially overwhelming.

Making healthy choices are not an easy task for many. The sugar! The Carbohydrates. my, me, oh, my….

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Successful grocery shopping is about focusing on what’s healthy, nutritious and tasty, so you’ll actually enjoy eating it. On a day to day basis, I find myself putting up a fine fist to have just one or two sweet. This is one of the reason choose to visit my nutritionist for guidance. Sometimes by having a mentor in place makes a difference. They can help you make anĀ informed choice by explaining how different types of foods affect your diabetes and sharing strategies about how to approach grocery shopping so it can help us meet our goals.



Here are a few Tips To Guide You in The Right direction:

  • First make a list: Create a list of items you need at the grocery store before you go. Try and think about the meals you’ll make, perhaps a new, healthy recipe or food item you’d like to try. Go ahead and organize the list by food group to speed up the process and keep you on track. The worse thing can be now is if you didn’t write anything under the vegetable category., that is a red flag… First, think about what veggie you want to eat and considering searching for a new recipe that you can get excited about. You can try making copies of a standard list you can update every time you go, or try a smartphone shopping app.


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