Pain Free-Zerub with pure CBD hemp Oil

Pain Free-Zerub with pure CBD hemp Oil

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Pain Free-Zerub with Pure CBD Hemp Oil cbd-hemp-oil

“Pain-free-zerub with pure cbd hemp oil is not just a pain reliever, its a

cure from chronic pain sufferors.”

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Product Name: Pain Free-Zerub with Pure CBD Hemp Oil

Introduction: Pain is critical, and it does not make you very happy. I am a pain and

joint sufferor. If you are a chronic/joint pain sufferor, well this is for you. I started using

these amazing products, and was amazed at the instant relief I felt after a month of using

the product.


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Contact: CTFO Independent Associate / Ariel Harris

Product Price: $36.97 (USD)



Who can use this product:

This product is 100% safe and 100% natural. Anyone of age can use

this product with ease and get instant relief from muscle tension, joint

stiffness and ailments.


CBD hemp products is 100% safe and 100% legal…Natural


What is It?

This is a topical analgesic blended with 50mg of raw CBD to help soothe

minor muscle aches & joint pains.

What it contains?

This formula contains menthod & uses cold therapy (Cryotherapy) to

help pentetrate quickly & offer new additive targeted relief at the point

of pain.

Key Benefits:

  • Cold Therapy-Cryotherapy (cold therapy) offers rapid relief
  • Relieving- helps to penetrate deep into the skin to target points of pain.
  • Branded-with soothing menthol for an added cooling effect

How to Use:

Using this product is very simple. Just apply to affected area no

more than 4 times daily. Massage if desired.


Before learning about this excellent product I didn’t have hope of

been free from daily joint and muscle pain. I sufferred for many years

to the point of needing to wear a back support brace everyday /24 7.

After incurring a fall at work in 2001 left me with a fractured knee cap

that required immediate surgery. Since, then, I have not been able to

stand nor sit for long periods throughout the day. The pain I encountered

was excrusible. I am a CBD product user and I am very happy to say so, never

felt so good. If you’re a pain sufferor, then don’t hesitate, give this product a

try, and then tell your pain- free story to the world.






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