Sports Drink ‘The Truth About Sports Drink’

Sports Drink ‘The Truth About Sports Drink’


Do You Think you need Special Sports to quench your thirst during exercise?

According to the author, the bottom line is that unless you’re an elite athlete, you don’t need sports drinks to keep you hydrated.”

“The researchers of this drink called it ‘Gatorade” after the Mascot of their university of Florida Gators), and it became one of the first Sports drinks in the market.” It’s also the official sports drink of the NBA, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer.”>mobile>sports.

Who Invented Sports Drinks?

“In 1965, University of Florida ( U F) football Coach Dwayne Douglass noticed that his players were losing a lot of weight during training and games, some up to 18 pounds (8.1 kilograms). They were urinating, despite drinking a lot of water, and players were suffering from heat stroke. Douglass teamed up with Dr. Robert Cade, a kidney disease specialist at ( U F) –to talk the problem out. Cade worked with U F’s College of medicine to develop a drink to replenish what these athletes were losing weight through their sweat. science-HowStuffWorks,com>innovation

Question: What did you drink before Sports Drink was discovered?

The authors concluded that there’s a striking lack of evidence to sport claim that sports drinks have any benefit at all for the average person. They also found that marketing claims suggesting the average athlete needs more that plain water during and after exercise are misleading, Plus the sugar content of sports drinks is likely contributing to the obesity epidemic among both adults and children.”

“Just before 2012 London Olympic, the British Medical Journal published an investigation titled, “The Truth About Sports Drinks,” which tracks how beverage manufacturers have portrayed the “Science Of Hydration” to convince the exercising public that these products are necessary to health.”

This is an introduction about Sports Drinks. There is more history and information to gather with this research project. As I am working on a REVIEW on this topic, SPORTS DRINKS.

SOURCE: Dr. Andrew Weils Guide To Healthy Living

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